About Us

Slack-Librium initially began as a small passion project started by a couple of college students. In 2014, while still attending University, we applied for and received a grant from the NC Center for Health & Wellness which enabled us to launch a pilot program for our slackline & mindfulness curriculum in a local middle school.

The pilot program was successful and since then we’ve been fortunate to provide educational programming for thousands of individuals of all ages in schools, camps, venues, & events across the country.

Our mission is to provide individuals and institutions with high quality slackline education & equipment and empower schools to make slackline & mindfulness programming a recurring and valued part of their curriculum.


Mindfulness can be thought of as a particular form or method of paying attention. It involves intentionally directing your awareness to the present moment in a non-judgmental fashion.

The concept is simple, yet the practice has shown huge benefits. Emerging research has revealed how mindfulness-based training has the potential to help individuals reduce stress & anxiety while increasing self-awareness, mental processing speed, emotional regulation, concentration and even empathy.

The field of mindfulness research is continually growing with new studies coming out each year. We’ve compiled just a few for you to take a look at below…